Waldorf Astoria Improves Wi-Fi in Rugged Ski Destination and Boosts Customer Satisfaction with CenturyLink

Waldorf Astoria guests visiting ski resorts in Park City, Utah expect high-performance internet on their vacation. Their Wi-Fi wasn't meeting expectations. CenturyLink oversaw the permitting, construction and deployment of a 50 Mbps fiber circuit to drastically improve their experience.

Improved Wi-Fi Performance Dramatically Increases Customer Experience

Slow Wi-Fi was upsetting business and vacationing guests at the Waldorf Astoria in Park City, Utah and something had to be done to improve their experience. With rugged mountain terrain to overcome, the Waldorf needed a provider who could help them through the whole process of deploying a new fiber circuit to improve Wi-Fi service and protect market share for their global luxury brand.

Experts at CenturyLink worked with the Waldorf Astoria team to implement Ethernet and Networking Internet Port Solutions across a 50 Mbps fiber circuit. This custom solution gave guests freedom to upload video to social media, stream music, and complete business transactions over the hotel's Wi-Fi network in peak vacation season-giving them the best experience possible and saving the brand from losing market share.


  • Dramatically Improved Customer Satisfaction Survey Results
  • Eliminated Wi-Fi Service Complaints
  • Satisfied Executive Concerns Over Internet Performance
  • Protect Market Share and Avoid Room Rate Losses
  • Increased Employee Productivity and Lowered Recruiting Costs

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